Title:The assessment of the complexity, responsibility and difficulty of work
Project leader:Ing. Lenka Říhová, Ph.D.
Funding provider:MPSV
Co-worker:Ing. Július Szabo
Project leader-external:
Co-worker (external):
Project start:2016
Project end:2019
Recipient:VÚPSV, v.v.i.

The assessment of work according to complexity, responsibility and difficulty forms the basis for earnings differentiation and, at the same time, provides a tool for guaranteeing fair remuneration for employees. The development of new technologies (automation, robotisation and digitalisation) and the corresponding new work activities which require the continuous training of employees change the demands of the work itself and thus create the need to update the various aspects according to which the work is assessed. The project focuses principally on the assessment of current social, technical, technological and organisational developments and their impacts on the complexity, responsibility and difficulty of work. Further, the study examines the current situation with respect to the assessment of work and a comparison thereof with current needs such as the right to fair remuneration, equal treatment, etc. The project also included an evaluation of the methods used for the assessment of work both in the Czech Republic and abroad, i.e. the REFA, Bedaux and NEMA systems, the criteria comparison, the decision-making group and the Urwick Orra methods, the ISOS system etc. The findings to date reveal that if the remuneration system is inappropriately set up, even the best payroll and salary systems are unable to guarantee employee satisfaction. It is anticipated that the various activities involved in the project will result in a proposal for the updating of certain aspects of the currently used method for evaluating work, or even the creation of a completely new method. The method itself is used to allocate employees whose salaries are paid from public sources a specific position in the salary scale. The output of the method consists of the Public Service and Administration Work Catalogue, the Administrative Activities Catalogue (Government Decree No. 302/2014 Coll. and Government Decree No. 222/2010 Coll.) and the Security Services Activities Catalogue (Government Decree No. 104 / 2005 Coll.).

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