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Immigrant families II. NEŠPOROVÁ, Olga - KUCHAŘOVÁ, Věra
Day care for children of pre-school and early-school age. KUCHAŘOVÁ, Věra - BAREŠ, Pavel - HÖHNE, Sylva - NEŠPOROVÁ, Olga - SVOBODOVÁ, Kamila - ŠŤASTNÁ, Anna - PLASOVÁ, Blanka - ŽÁČKOVÁ, Lucie
Family needs of employees. HABERLOVÁ, Věra - KYZLINKOVÁ, Renata
The support of families with children and the effect of financial transfers on the family life form. HÖHNE, Sylva
Securing of seniors´ needs with an emphasis on the role of the nongovernmental sector. NEŠPOROVÁ, Olga - SVOBODOVÁ, Kamila - VIDOVIĆOVÁ, Lucie
Family, Partnership and Demographic Ageing. RYCHTAŘÍKOVÁ, Jitka - KUCHAŘOVÁ, Věra - (EDS.)
Immigrant families I. NEŠPOROVÁ, Olga
Family and employment I. Singles. ETTLEROVÁ, Sylva
Family and employment II. Young families. KULHAVÝ, Václav - BARTÁKOVÁ, Helena
Family and employment III. Families with school-age children. ŠŤASTNÁ, Anna
Family and employment IV. Families after children desertion. SVOBODOVÁ, Kamila
Family and employment V. One-parent families. KUCHAŘOVÁ, Věra
Living conditions of the families with more than two children. SVOBODOVÁ, Kamila
Employment and childcare from parentsĺ and employersĺ perspectives. KUCHAŘOVÁ, Věra - ETTLEROVÁ, Sylva - NEŠPOROVÁ, Olga - SVOBODOVÁ, Kamila
Non-governmental organizations and their involvement in family support. NEŠPOROVÁ, Olga - SVOBODOVÁ, Kamila
Network of child-care services for pre-school children in the Czech Republic. KUCHAŘOVÁ, Věra - SVOBODOVÁ, Kamila
Attitudes and experiences with harmonisation of family and employment of parents with pre-school and school-age children. ETTLEROVÁ, Sylva - KUCHAŘOVÁ, Věra - MATĚJKOVÁ, Barbora - SVOBODOVÁ, Kamila - ŠŤASTNÁ, Anna
Reconciling Family and Work. Families with Fathers Taking Parental Leave. NEŠPOROVÁ, Olga
Reconciling Family and Work. Micro-social and individual context of parenthood. Part I. ŠŤASTNÁ, Anna
Family policy in selected European countries II. MATĚJKOVÁ, Barbora - PALONCYOVÁ, Jana
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