Collaboration between social workers and physicians: impact of professional socialization HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana
Social work provided by local and regional authorities in the form of delegated powers HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana
Reflective Practice in Social Work: Discussion Based on the Example of Social Work with People in Material Need HUBÍKOVÁ, Olga - HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana
Performance profession of social work in social protection systems in the CR MUSIL, Libor - BAREŠ, Pavel - HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana - (EDS.)
Overview of social workers and assessment doctors in the care allowance agenda with respect to selected aspects of existing assessment practice concerning the care allowance HUBÍKOVÁ, Olga - HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana
Analysis of the educational needs of social workers in municipalities in relation to housing provision HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana - HUBÍKOVÁ, Olga - KUBALČÍKOVÁ, Kateřina
Cooperation between social workers and doctors: an example of assessment process of the care allowance HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana - HUBÍKOVÁ, Olga
The de-institutionalisation of care for older people in the Czech Republic and Slovakia: national strategies and local outcomes KUBALČÍKOVÁ, Kateřina - SZÜDI, Gábor - SZÜDI, Jaroslava - HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana
Peer Review on ‘Germany’s latest reforms of the long-term care system’ - Peer Country Comments Paper: Czech Republic HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana
Current Developments in Social Care Services for Older Adults in the Czech Republic: Trends Towards Deinstitutionalization and Marketization KUBALČÍKOVÁ, Kateřina - HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana
Predictors of the Availability and Variety of Social Care Services for Older Adults: Comparison of Central European Countries LEHMANN, Štěpánka - HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana
The potential of domiciliary care service in the Czech Republic to promote ageing in place KUBALČÍKOVÁ, Kateřina - HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana
Role of social work and applying situation approach in the context of the care allowance administration HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana - HUBÍKOVÁ, Olga
Working Conditions of Social Workers Carrying Out Administration of Care Allowance HUBÍKOVÁ, Olga - HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana - MUSIL, Libor - KUBALČÍKOVÁ, Kateřina
The role of information and communication technologies and ambient assisted living in promoting aging in place HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana
The demographic context KUBALČÍKOVÁ, Kateřina - HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana
Predictors of the Availability and Variety of Social Care Services for Older Adults: Comparison of central European Countries LEHMANN, Štěpánka - HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana
The Regulatory Trajectory and Current Organisational Framework of Social Services and Social Care in the Czech Republic; COST Action IS1102- Social services, welfare state and places, Working Paper No. 5 HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana - KUBALČÍKOVÁ, Kateřina
Social Work with People in Material Need MUSIL, Libor - HUBÍKOVÁ, Olga - HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana
Strategy for providing formal social care intended for seniors in central European countries HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana
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