Micro-financing and the possibility of its use in the Czech Republic VEVERKOVÁ, Soňa - KROUPA, Aleš
Variable-flexible forms of remuneration in the period 2009 to 2014 KROUPA, Aleš
The impact of eventual downturn of gaming industry on employment KROUPA, Aleš - POJER, Petr - VEVERKOVÁ, Soňa
The social and economic position of self-employed persons in the Czech Republic during the economic crisis and relations to the social security system PRŮŠA, Ladislav - VLACH, Jan - HOLUB, Martin - KROUPA, Aleš - SZABO, Július - VANČUROVÁ, Alena
Flexicurity: Actions at Company Level BROUGHTON, Andrea - BILETTA, Isabella - VACAS, Carlos - KYZLINKOVÁ, Renata - PFEIFEROVÁ, Štěpánka - KROUPA, Aleš
Absence from work - Czech Republic. GEISSLER, Hana - HÁLA, Jaroslav - KROUPA, Aleš
Capacity of social dialogue in selected sectors of the Czech Republic, with regard to the needs of transfering the results of European social dialogue. HÁLA, Jaroslav - VEVERKOVÁ, Soňa - KROUPA, Aleš
Working rhythms and stress at work. KROUPA, Aleš
Illegal employment and enterprise of foreigners in construction industry. KROUPA, Aleš - KUX, Jaroslav
Capacity of social dialogue in selected sectors of the Czech national economy with regard to the needs of transferring the results of European social dialogue. HÁLA, Jaroslav - KROUPA, Aleš - VEVERKOVÁ, Soňa
Teamwork and high performance work organisation. KROUPA, Aleš - DOKULILOVÁ, Lenka - KYZLINKOVÁ, Renata
Employee Satisfaction - a manual for measuring and analysing the level of employee satisfaction. KROUPA, Aleš - KYZLINKOVÁ, Renata - DOKULILOVÁ, Lenka - SOUKUP, Tomáš
The Character and Organization of Flexible Forms of Work. KROUPA, Aleš
Undeclared labour in the Construction Industry - Country report - Czech Republic. KUX, Jaroslav - KROUPA, Aleš
Czech Republic - country report. KUX, Jaroslav - KROUPA, Aleš
Quality of working life in the Czech Republic. VAŠKOVÁ, Renata - KROUPA, Aleš
Impact of training on peopleĺs employability: Czech Republic. KROUPA, Aleš - DOKULILOVÁ, Lenka - VAŠKOVÁ, Renata
Participation and interest organizations in the Czech Republic. MANSFELDOVÁ, Zdena - KROUPA, Aleš - (EDS.)
Possibilities and barriers of the membership in trade unions. KROUPA, Aleš - VAŠKOVÁ, Renata - HÁLA, Jaroslav
Trade unions, employers, social partners – trade union membership in the CR and primary factors of its development. KROUPA, Aleš - HÁLA, Jaroslav - VAŠKOVÁ, Renata - MANSFELDOVÁ, Zdena
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