Analysis of Czech public administration in the neighborhood of the Czech pension system: family policy, health care, long-term care, housing, unemployment and social support; their links with the pension system HOLUB, Martin - ŠLAPÁK, Milan
Proposed modifications of the system of financing nursing and rehabilitation care in residential facilities of social PRŮŠA, Ladislav - LANGHAMROVÁ, Jana - HOLUB, Martin - BAREŠ, Pavel
Reflection of Child Care Periods in Pension System HOLUB, Martin
/ Analysis of the social security of the disabled people with original invalidity HOLUB, Martin - ŠLAPÁK, Milan
Ten years of pension insurance in the Czech Republic as an EU member state HOLUB, Martin - ŠLAPÁK, Milan
Information service on acquired pension rights and related matters by a pension institution ŠLAPÁK, Milan - SVOBODOVÁ, Kamila - ŠŤASTNÁ, Anna - HOLUB, Martin
Reassessment of the form of the institute of survivor pensions in the light of demographic changes HOLUB, Martin - ŠLAPÁK, Milan
Methods of social security of disabled persons whose disability arose before the age of 18 years in selected EEA countries HOLUB, Martin - ŠLAPÁK, Milan
Comparison of invalidity in the Czech Republic and selected European countries HOLUB, Martin - SUCHOMELOVÁ, Mirjam - ŠVEHLOVÁ, Katarína
Methods of automatically adjusting the retirement age to life expectancy in the EU countries HOLUB, Martin - POLLNEROVÁ, Štěpánka - ŠLAPÁK, Milan
Methods of the pension contribution cap definition HOLUB, Martin - ŠLAPÁK, Milan
Sharing pension assessment bases between spouses and partners living in non-marital forms of cohabitation HOLUB, Martin - ŠLAPÁK, Milan
Minimum conditions for old-age pension entitlement HOLUB, Martin - ŠLAPÁK, Milan
Processes of the periodic evaluation of the pension systems in selected world countries HOLUB, Martin
Possibilities of combination of old-age pension and income from employment ŠLAPÁK, Milan - HOLUB, Martin
The availability of social care services in the administrative districts of municipalities with extended competencies PRŮŠA, Ladislav - HOLUB, Martin - ŠLAPÁK, Milan
Costs of providing nursing and rehabilitation care in residential facilities of social services PRŮŠA, Ladislav - LANGHAMROVÁ, Jana - BAREŠ, Pavel - HOLUB, Martin
Selected aspects of care for the elderly in terms of social inclusion PRŮŠA, Ladislav - BAREŠ, Pavel - HOLUB, Martin - ŠLAPÁK, Milan
The social and economic position of self-employed persons in the Czech Republic during the economic crisis and relations to the social security system PRŮŠA, Ladislav - VLACH, Jan - HOLUB, Martin - KROUPA, Aleš - SZABO, Július - VANČUROVÁ, Alena
Occupational schemes of pension insurance in selected EU counties, Switzerland and the United States MUSILOVÁ, Zdeňka - ŠLAPÁK, Milan - HOLUB, Martin
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