The affordability of housing and the current housing situation of the senior population GODAROVÁ, Jana - TRBOLA, Robert - JAHODA, Robert - RÁKOCZYOVÁ, Miroslava
The economic benefits of managed labour migration VYHLÍDAL, Jiří - JAHODA, Robert - GODAROVÁ, Jana
Estimating the cost of public budgets spent on one unemployed person JAHODA, Robert - GODAROVÁ, Jana
Income poverty and material deprivation in old age: objective and subjective dimensions of this phenomenon VIDOVIĆOVÁ, Lucie - JAHODA, Robert - VYHLÍDAL, Jiří - KOFROŇ, Pavel - GODAROVÁ, Jana
Poverty, material deprivation and social exclusion in the Czech Republic with an emphasis on children and households raising children SIROVÁTKA, Tomáš - ŠIMÍKOVÁ, Ivana - JAHODA, Robert - GODAROVÁ, Jana
Alchemy of non-insurance social benefits PRŮŠA, Ladislav - VÍŠEK, Petr - JAHODA, Robert
Income poverty and material deprivation in the Czech Republic by EU indicators - development as a result of the crisis, fiscal consolidation and social reforms HORÁKOVÁ, Markéta - JAHODA, Robert - KOFROŇ, Pavel - SIROVÁTKA, Tomáš - ŠIMÍKOVÁ, Ivana
The economic burden of middle income groups: development in 2008-2011 SIROVÁTKA, Tomáš - HORÁKOVÁ, Markéta - JAHODA, Robert - KOFROŇ, Pavel
Recipients of the social allowance on data SILC 2008. Example of analysis of benefit’s abolition impact JAHODA, Robert
Risks of income poverty and material deprivation in the Czech Republic (overall situation and selected aspects on the SILC data) SIROVÁTKA, Tomáš - KOFROŇ, Pavel - JAHODA, Robert
Pension Reform through Voluntary Opt-Out: The Czech Case. JAHODA, Robert - ŠPALEK, Jiří
The pension system as part of social policy and the adoption of the euro in the Czech Republic? JAHODA, Robert
Analysis of the distribution aspects of regulation/deregulation of rents in the CR JAHODA, Robert - ŠPALKOVÁ, Dagmar
Applying Foreign Experience in Work Incentive Tools When Creating Microsimulation Model for the Czech Republic. JAHODA, Robert
International experience with makeing labour market more flexible and its portability to the Czech Republic. JAHODA, Robert
Labour market response of the Czech households to the selected tax-benefit changes. JAHODA, Robert
Social protection. HOLUB, Martin - BAREŠ, Pavel - JAHODA, Robert
Who are the poor and who are the rich? What can we derive from the household budget survey. JAHODA, Robert
Effectiveness of municipal debt regulation in the Czech Republic. DVOŘÁKOVÁ, Petra - JAHODA, Robert
Assessment of pension calculation basis. HOLUB, Martin - ŠLAPÁK, Milan - KOZELSKÝ, Tomáš - JAHODA, Robert
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