Reconciliation Policy in the Czech Republic and the EU: From Neglect to Rejection. SIROVÁTKA, Tomáš - TOMEŠOVÁ BARTÁKOVÁ, Helena
Family and Employment with respect to the family cycle. HÖHNE, Sylva - KUCHAŘOVÁ, Věra - SVOBODOVÁ, Kamila - ŠŤASTNÁ, Anna - ŽÁČKOVÁ, Lucie
Family needs of employees. HABERLOVÁ, Věra - KYZLINKOVÁ, Renata
Work-life Balance: Societal and Private Influences KUCHAŘOVÁ, Věra
Family and employment during the life course. KUCHAŘOVÁ, Věra - HABERLOVÁ, Věra
Importance of partnership for family-work harmonization. HÖHNE, Sylva - SVOBODOVÁ, Kamila - ŠŤASTNÁ, Anna
The Work-Life Balance by Forms of Familial Cohabitation. KUCHAŘOVÁ, Věra
Family, children and employment in Czech society. SIROVÁTKA, Tomáš - HORA, Ondřej
Family and work balance in the Czech Republic and the role of social policy. SIROVÁTKA, Tomáš - BARTÁKOVÁ, Helena
Family and employment I. Singles. ETTLEROVÁ, Sylva
Family and employment II. Young families. KULHAVÝ, Václav - BARTÁKOVÁ, Helena
Family and employment III. Families with school-age children. ŠŤASTNÁ, Anna
Family and employment IV. Families after children desertion. SVOBODOVÁ, Kamila
Family and employment V. One-parent families. KUCHAŘOVÁ, Věra
Earnings of women and men in private and public sectors. KOZELSKÝ, Tomáš - PRUŠVIC, David
Aspects of the compatibility of family and employment ľ the division of roles in the family and measures on the part of employers. ETTLEROVÁ, Sylva - ŠŤASTNÁ, Anna
Women in old age and in a family. SVOBODOVÁ, Kamila
Availability of childcare of preschool children. ETTLEROVÁ, Sylva
Reconciliation of family and work duties of parents with dependent children. ETTLEROVÁ, Sylva - ŠŤASTNÁ, Anna
The aging Czech population according to gender. SVOBODOVÁ, Kamila
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