Number  Title  Years
9141/16 Industrial Relations in Central and Eastern Europe: Challenges Ahead of Economic Recovery 2016-2017 
DC506/2015 The impact on employment of an eventual downturn in the gaming industry 2015-2015 
DC510/2015 An analysis of the use of European micro-financing tools and an analysis of the potential for increasing the participation of the Czech Republic in the context of micro-financing and social entrepreneurship 2015-2015 
9138/15 Changing Working Time Patterns and Sustainable Employment in Europe 2015-2016 
9135/16 Social Conditions in Urban Public Transport Companies in Europe – the case of the Czech Republic 2015-2016 
9136/16 Monitoring the application of the Quality Framework for the Anticipation of Change and Restructuring 2015-2016 
9139/15 Health and well-being of older workers in five European countries 2015-2015 
9136/15 Atypical Forms of Aircrew Employment in the European Aviation Industry - The Czech Republic Report 2014-2014 
9137/14 National study on evaluating the performance of employment services, focusing particularly on their capacity to ensure compliance with employment legislation 2014-2015 
9140/15 Labour Relations and Social Dialogue in Central-Eastern and South-Eastern Europe 2013-2015 
9132/12 Promoting a balanced and inclusive recovery from crisis in Europe through sound industrial relations and social dialogue 2012-2012 
6256/11 Evaluation of the operation and effects of information and consultation directives in the EU/EEA countries – Fitness Check 2011-2011 
6255/11 Analyses of social dialogue and flexible forms of work in selected EU countries 2011-2012 
9133/11 Social Dialogue and a Participation Strategy in the Global Delivery industry: Challenging Precarious Employment Relations 2010-2012 
9137/10 Flexicurity in Time of Crisis 2010-2011 
111-WLR The Impact of the Racial Equality Directive: a survey of trade unions and employers in the member states of the European Union 2008-2009 
112-Eurofond Working Conditions and Social Dialogue 2008-2009 
1J004/04-DP1 Political and legal institutional framework of the Czech Republic and its changes in the context of the accession to the EU 2004-2008 
1J018/04-DP1 Measurement of the Quality of Working Life 2004-2007 
9135/10 EIRO (European Industrial Relations Observatory); EWCO (European Working Conditions Observatory); ERM (European Restructuring Monitor) 2004-2017 
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