Number  Title  Years
18/2017_IC_NNO Specifics of integration of foreigners´ minority children in the Czech Republic 2017-2017 
625917/2017 Impacts of digitalization of work on empoyment, collective bargaining and social security of employees 2017-2017 
6256/2016 Employment of people who have a problem be employed on the labour market in the CR 2016-2016 
MIMEN_9134/14 Migrant Men’s Well-being in Diversity 2014-2015 
TD020330 Selected aspects of care for the elderly in terms of social inclusion 2014-2015 
TD020399 Long-term development strategy of social services in the city Pisek as a municipality with extended competences in 2030 2014-2015 
TD020176 The costs of providing nursing and rehabilitation care in residential social services 2014-2015 
HC186/10 Analysis of performance profession of social work in social protection systems in the CR under formal anchorage and the real needs in the individual systems of social protection 2010-2011 
6251/09 Socio-demographic analysis of the the city and district of Roudnice nad Labem 2009-2009 
113-EK Moving Societies towards Integration? 2007-2010 
VS/2005/0686 The Aspect of Culture in the Social Inclusion of Ethnic Minorities. Evaluation of the Impact of Inclusion Policies under the Open Method of Co-ordination in the European Union: Assessing the Cultural Policies of Six Member States 2006-2006 
107-InterFace inter.Face - Immigrants and National Integration Strategies: Developing a Trans-European Framework for Analysing Cultural and Employment-related Integration 2006-2008 
2004-1080-YC Protection and Support Measures for Third Country National Street Children in the EU Member States 2005-2006 
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