Number  Title  Years
DC527/2016 Screening of the conditions governing working, medical, social and pedagogical rehabilitation in the Czech Republic 2016-2017 
TD020381 The reform of public employment services in the Czech Republic 2014-2015 
6255/11 Analyses of social dialogue and flexible forms of work in selected EU countries 2011-2012 
6252/11 Comprehensive solution to the employment promotion system for persons with disabilities, proposed methodology, analytical background documentation, preparation of systemic changes and educational materials in relation to other projects of vocational training 2011-2012 
HC196/10 Profiling and targeting of employment services 2010-2010 
122-2011D Estimating of educational needs in regions of the Czech Republic 2010-2012 
DC3/2010 Analysis Kurzarbeit introduction in the Czech Republic 2010-2010 
6251/10 Transferability of Skills across Economic Sectors: Role and Importance for Employment at European Level 2010-2010 
HR183/09 Competence–model for employment services of the Czech Republic 2009-2009 
6253/09 Feasibility study of an individual project Support of individual civic education 2009-2009 
GA402/08/0571 The Social Economy - a New Research Area in the Czech Republic 2008-2010 
HR166/07 Employment through temporary working agencies in the Czech Republic 2007-2008 
1J049/05-DP2 Support of Elderly People Employment 2005-2007 
1J020/04-DP1 Knowledge Society - Requirements on Human Resources Skills and Continuing Training 2004-2009 
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