Number  Title  Years
CZ.03.1.51/0.0/0.0/15_009/0000858 Investigation of public opinion concerning the establishment of so-called micro-crèches and the placement of children under three years of age in such childcare facilities 2017-2018 
NF-CZ13-PDP-2-002-01-2014 Analysis of Quality and Accessibility of Specialized Long-Stay Social Services for Adult Victims of Domestic Violence 2016-2016 
523 Family report 2016-2017 
522 Families in the middle stage of the family cycle I - II 2016-2017 
512 Three pillars of safety 2015-2016 
HC209/11 Facilities for children needing immediate assistance - the placement of children, conditions of care for children, financing the operation 2011-2011 
DC2/2010 Verification of methodology of assessing the situation of the child and its family in practice 2010-2010 
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New publication of the RILSA

Microcreche: the new preschool service in the public opinion poll

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New publication of the RILSA

Family situation in the work of institutions dealing with penitentiary and post-penitentiary care

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