Number  Title  Years
DC409/2014 Poverty, material deprivation and social exclusion in the Czech Republic with an emphasis on children and households raising children 2015-2015 
DC401/2014 The economic benefit provided by working immigrants, especially second and subsequent generations 2014-2014 
DC201/2013 The income poverty and material deprivation of seniors in the Czech Republic in the broader context 2013-2015 
DC3/2010 The Distributional Impacts and Economic Influence of Parental Benefit on Czech Households 2010-2010 
DC1/2011 The economic load middle income groups 2008-2011 
GP402/07/P548 Influence of Taxes and Benefits on the Suply Side of the Labour Market 2007-2009 
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New publication of the RILSA

Employing person during and after imprisonment and employers' approach to these persons

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New publication of the RILSA

Families in the middle stage of the family cycle

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