prof. PhDr. Tomáš Sirovátka, CSc.

Phone: +420 549 496 559
Department: General issues of social policy - Brno

2003, professor (social policy and social work), Faculty of Social Studies MU, Brno
2001, CSc. (sociology), Faculty of Arts, MU, Brno
1995, associate professor (economic policy) Faculty of Economics and Administration MU, Brno
1974, sociology and political economy, Faculty of Arts, MU, Brno

Field of specialisation:
labour market, social policy

Pedagogical activities:
BC programme (FSS MU): social policy
MA programme (FSS MU): current problems of social policy, labour market theory, theory of organization and management, employment policy, economics of the welfare state
PhD programme: theory of social policy, methods of evaluation research (FSS MU), public and social policy (ESF MU)
international programme Master in European Social Security (University Leuven) - courses Introduction into Social Security Policy, Social Security in Central and Eastern Europe

Foreign scholarship, fellowships and academic study abroad:
1993 (1 semester) Institute of Economics, University of Copenhagen

Membership in boards and committees:
editorial board, Fórum sociální politiky
scientific board, Faculty of Social Studies MU
scientific board, Faculty of Health and Social Policy University Opava
editorial board Acta Oeconomica Poznaneinsia, Economic University, Poznan, Poland
editorial board Sociology of Thought and Action, Vilnius University, Vilnius, Litva
Council and program committee member, Katholieke Univeriteit Leuven, Institute for Social Law