Number  Name  Years
IP70607 Family Report 2019-2020 
IP70611 The development of the main economic and social indicators in the Czech Republic 1990 - 2018 (Bulletin no. 34) 2019-2019 
IP70801 The reduction of working hours 2019-2019 
IP70103 The monitoring of labour costs in the Czech Republic, European Union countries and the USA 2019-2019 
IP70612 Impacts of the rate of parental conflict on children and the role played by post-divorce care arrangements 2019-2022 
UP691319 Implications of an ageing population concerning the need for long-term care – the potential for reflecting innovations from abroad in Czech practice 2019-2020 
EF681519 Health care and the situation concerning the health of foreigners in the Czech Republic 2019-2019 
EF681419 Indicators of the integration of third-country nationals in the Czech Republic 2019-2019 
626819/2019 Legislative and institutional conditions for social enterprises and for the employment of persons disadvantaged in the labour market with regard to the specifics of employment of convicted persons and persons with the criminal record 2019-2019 
IP70704 Research on the attractiveness of the discipline of social work for students of secondary, tertiary professional schools and universities and research on the professional competence and personal prerequisites necessary for the performance of social work 2018-2019 
IP70608 The identification of barriers to the access of Roma children to foster care 2018-2020 
IP70702 Research of the ethical dilemmas, values and principles of social work 2018-2019 
IP70101 The influence of the minimum wage on the labour market in the Czech Republic 2018-2022 
IP70102 The assessment of the complexity, responsibility and strenuousness of work 2018-2022 
DZ626418 Socio-demographic analysis of the Lovosice municipality with extended powers 2018-2018 
IP70507 Typology of social benefits and developments in the insurance and non-insurance social security systems in terms of suitability and effectiveness. 2018-2019 
626618/2018 Analysis of Barriers to Employing Persons Released from Imprisonment in the Labour Market and Possibilities to Employ Them; Influence and Support of Social Dialogue 2018-2018 
70610 2018-2020 
EF691218 Research of selected aspects of the integration of students from third countries studying at universities in Prague whose studies are financed from the state budget of the Czech Republic 2018-2018 
9142/2018 The adaptation of industrial relations towards new forms of work 2018-2019 
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