Name:Monitoring of the process integrating third-country nationals into the Czech society – 1st phase
Project leader:PhDr. Jana Vavrečková
Provider:Ministerstvo vnitra ČR, EIF
Team member:Ing. Ivo Baštýř
Project leader-external:
External team member:
Start of project:2009
End of project:2009
Project recipient:RILSA
Project co-recipient:

The first phase of the project is devoted to analysis of available information sources, ie the analysis of existing domestic studies and surveys relating to the integration of third country nationals. In this framework, it assesses the usability of the current Czech information databases for the subject matter. It means the system of indicators and methodologies for monitoring and evaluating of efficiency and bottlenecks of integration of third country nationals into Czech society ("the system of indicators and monitoring methodologies of integration of foreigners"). Within the solution was carried out empirical survey about the level and the current challenges of integration of foreigners. Interested experts from decision and other institutions and stakeholders from non-governmental and non-profit organizations were addressed. The part of the first stage was a workshop on the given issue. The output of the first stage of the solution is the drafting of key indicators and methodologies of integration of long-term and permanent foreigners in the Czech Republic. The aim of research workers is maximum updating of the available statistics in relation to existing sources. The project also includes an outline of the activities suggested for implementation in the next phase of the solution.