Name:Methodology for an evaluation of monitoring tools of integration process of foreigners from third countries in the CR – 3rd phase
Project leader:PhDr. Jana Vavrečková
Provider:Ministerstvo vnitra ČR
Team member:Ing. Ivo Baštýř , JUDr. Daniela Bruthansová , Mgr. Katarína Švehlová , Věra Malá
Project leader-external:PhDr. Karolína Dobiášová
External team member:
Start of project:2011
End of project:2012
Project recipient:RILSA
Project co-recipient:

The proposed project is directly connected to the outcomes of the same name project from 2010. At this stage the work will be set out into several areas. The first group of activities will focus on updating the monitored quantitative indicators from administrative sources and assessment of possibilities of monitoring other additional indicators relevant for monitoring and evaluation the level of integration of foreigners from third countries (CTZ) in the Czech Republic.