Name:Fatherhood and Motherhood in the Contexts of Labour Market and Social Policy
Project leader:Mgr. Olga Nešporová, Ph.D.
Provider:GA ČR
Team member:Mgr. Jana Barvíková, Ph.D. , PhDr. Věra Kuchařová, CSc. , Mgr. Renata Kyzlinková, Ph.D. , PhDr., Mgr. Anna Šťastná, Ph.D.
Project leader-external:
External team member:Doc. PhDr. Dana Hamplová, Ph.D., Mgr. Růžena Stuchlá
Start of project:2015
End of project:2017
Project recipient:RILSA
Project co-recipient:

The aim of the project is to analyse the transition to fatherhood and motherhood and its early stages in the contexts of the labour market and social policy. The situation in the Czech Republic will be compared with that in other European countries. This research project is based on Berger and Luckmann´s theory about the social construction of reality. Czech parenthood will be studied in the contexts of the labour market and social policy and compared with parenthood in other European states with special attention being devoted to fatherhood. The mixed method approach will be applied. The project includes longitudinal qualitative research on the transition to parenthood, part of the European TransPARENT project. A third wave of interviews will be conducted and analysed together with data from the previous two waves. The quantitative part will provide independent findings on the early stages of parenthood and reproduction. The data analysed will include the longitudinal Generations and Gender Survey (reproductive behaviour), the Labour Force Survey (relations between parenthood, employment and social policy), EU-SILC and EVS or ISSP, all of which enable European comparisons. The final output will include 12 articles in Czech and foreign academic journals.