Name:Migrant Men’s Well-being in Diversity
Project leader:Mgr. Pavel Bareš, Ph.D.
Provider:Evropská komise
Team member:Mgr. Jan Kubát
Project leader-external:
External team member:
Start of project:2014
End of project:2015
Project recipient:
Project co-recipient:VÚPSV, v. v. i.

In public debates, young migrant men frequently feature as a problematic group, because of higher unemployment, failing in the education system, potentially upholding sexist attitudes, violent and criminal behaviour. They face discrimination significantly more often than their female counterparts. At the same time, young male migrants have to cope with high expectations of their families to succeed. The various expectations and preconceptions contribute to gender-specific risks of marginalisation of young migrant men. Counteracting their discrimination and marginalisation and implementing policies to support their well-being constitute significant European challenges.
The project evaluated the life situation of young male foreigners in seven European countries. In each country there were evaluated available information, questioned representatives of the project target group (migrant men aged 16-27) and held a discussion with experts who deal with foreigners’ integration.

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