Name:The examination of the amount of the subsistence minimum of dependent children aged 6-14 years based on 2013 data, including the effectiveness of the reintroduction of two subsistence minimum levels for dependent children aged 6-9 years and 10-14 years
Project leader:Ing. Vlastimil Beran, Ph.D.
Team member:Ing. Ivo Baštýř
Project leader-external:
External team member:
Start of project:2015
End of project:2015
Project recipient:RILSA
Project co-recipient:

The aim of the project was to examine the amount of the subsistence minimum for dependent children in a broad age group of 6-14 years inclusive and to analyse the suitability of dividing the subsistence minimum into two different amounts, one for dependent children aged 6-9 years and the second for those aged 10 to 14 years inclusive. The resulting report consisted of an age-group analysis of dependent children aged 6-14 years and their potential splitting into groups containing age intervals of 6-9 years and 10-14 years. The argument for the division into such intervals consists of the difference in the costs associated with dependent children between these two age intervals. On the other hand, the Czech Statistical Office does not have a sufficient data base for the conducting of the required subsistence minimum analysis in the future, i.e. there will be a lack of the data required in order to calculate new subsistence values due to budget cutbacks concerning family account statistics. A compromise solution may lie in the proposed so-called subsistence level amount tolerance bands which should rectify these shortcomings whether or not a division into two intervals is introduced. The project builds on the TA CR TD010065 project “Review of the factual content and construction of the subsistence minimum and proposals regarding content and legislation”.