Name:Changing Working Time Patterns and Sustainable Employment in Europe
Project leader:PhDr. Štěpánka Lehmann, Ph.D.
Provider:European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions
Team member:
Project leader-external:
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Start of project:2015
End of project:2016
Project recipient:RILSA
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The aim of the project is to identify working time patterns applied in the European Union and to analyse their connection to both balancing work and private life and the health of workers. The research also focuses on the development of working time patterns, tracks the various changes in the legislative frameworks of individual European countries regarding the regulation of working time, and attempts to formulate conclusions concerning the influence of working time patterns on the sustainability of the economic activity of workers in the context of their overall life paths. The project includes an analysis of data from the European Working Conditions Survey, the qualitative analysis of reports provided by individual EU countries, the updating of statistical data on the length and organisation of working time and the detailed research of publications available on the topic. The project forms part of the broader “Working time patterns and sustainable work” project, which also includes the “Mobile ICT Work and its effects” study conducted for Eurofound by a number of other research institutions.