Name:The organisation of health assessment in relation to decision-making processes in the social security systems of selected EU countries
Project leader:Mgr. Mirjam Suchomelová
Team member:Mgr. Marie Kořánová , Mgr. Lenka Krinesová , Mgr. Vítězslava Magerská , Mgr. Katarína Švehlová
Project leader-external:
External team member:
Start of project:2016
End of project:2016
Project recipient:RILSA
Project co-recipient:

The project aimed to describe in detail the organisation of assessment services in the social sector in selected European Union countries. Particular attention was devoted to the links between the various bodies that conduct assessment services in the social sector, and the decision-making bodies that use the outcomes provided by assessment services. The countries surveyed consisted of Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, France and the United Kingdom. The project included a description of the organisational structure of assessment services in individual countries, the assessment agenda addressed, and connections between assessment services and decision-making bodies. Assessment services were monitored with respect to the conducting of assessment activities in the social insurance and non-insured fields and in the context of the labour market. Considerable attention was devoted to issues concerning the integration of assessment services into the civil services of individual countries. The project also focused in detail on other aspects of assessment activities. For example, information was gathered on the regulations that assessment activities are subject to, deadlines for the drafting of opinions, the competence of assessment services, the rights and obligations of assessed persons, the obligations of health facilities with concern to assessment services, etc. Attention was also devoted to questions surrounding the role of the benefit provider in the assessment decision-making process, i.e. whether decisions are binding on the benefit provider or whether assessment services provide the benefit provider with sensitive information on the health status of assessed persons. The project also addressed the subject of appeals against assessment decisions in the administrative procedure, the possibility of the conducting of judicial reviews and issues surrounding the assessment of the state of health for such purposes.