Name:Industrial Relations in Central and Eastern Europe: Challenges Ahead of Economic Recovery
Project leader:Ing. Soňa Veverková
Provider:Evropská komise, Generální ředitelství pro zaměstnanost, sociální věci a sociální začleňování
Team member:Mgr. Renata Kyzlinková, Ph.D. , Ing. Petr Pojer , Mgr. Aleš Kroupa
Project leader-external:
External team member:
Start of project:2016
End of project:2017
Project recipient:Center for economic development, (CED) Bulgaria
Project co-recipient:VÚPSV, v. v. i.

The objective of the project is related to the current state of the industrial relations in new EU member states (Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Romania) and candidate countries (Macedonia) . The project provided deep insight into developments in industrial relations in the post-crisis period (2012 onwards), to evaluate changes in economic development, and provide recommendations as to the future challenges for industrial relations in above mentioned countries. Interactive interviews, focus groups and foresight workshops, held in the framework of this project, gave an insight into opinions as to the future scenarios of industrial relations in above mentioned countries from the point of view of the representatives of social partners from various levels – from the company and sectoral to the national.

Videospot summing up the results of the project