Name:Development of and active participation in the Family Policy Concept of the City of Prague
Project leader:PhDr. Věra Kuchařová, CSc.
Provider:Magistrát hlavního města Prahy (odbor zdravotnictví, sociální péče a prevence)
Team member:Ing. Sylva Höhne , Mgr. Olga Nešporová, Ph.D. , PhDr., Mgr. Kamila Svobodová, Ph.D.
Project leader-external:
External team member:
Start of project:2017
End of project:2017
Project recipient:RILSA
Project co-recipient:

The aim of the project was to prepare background material for the Family Policy Concept of the City of Prague and to provide expert assistance with respect to the creation of the Concept. The project consisted of three related parts.

1) The compilation of the analytical section of the “Family Policy Concept of the City of Prague” according to the following structure: demographic situation, material and living conditions, employment and unemployment, social and health services, services for functional families, education.

2) Analysis of the “Family Policy in the Prague Municipality” questionnaire survey supplemented by qualitative research conducted in the form of interviews in selected districts of Prague.

3) Participation in the SWOT analysis process at a meeting of the Advisory Commission for Family Policy of the City of Prague.
The project concluded that the aims of family policy for the city should be as follows: (a) to create a social climate conducive to the formation of families and to support the functioning and stability thereof, (b) to ensure the optimum socio-economic conditions for families of different types, (c) to support those families whose own strengths and resources are insufficient to perform certain functions, and (d) to promote the autonomy of families and intergenerational cohesion. Furthermore, it was proposed that the Family Policy Concept of the City of Prague should incorporate the main principles of co-operation between the City Hall and the various municipal districts of the city. It was concluded that the functional balancing and definition of the various related roles and competencies is essential.
The analysis of the current situation and longer-term trends as well as the processed results of the questionnaire survey were duly submitted to the contracting authority and are not publicly available.