Name:Research of selected aspects of the integration of students from third countries studying at universities in Prague whose studies are financed from the state budget of the Czech Republic
Project leader:Mgr. Danica Schebelle
Provider:Ministerstvo vnitra ČR
Team member:Ing. Petr Pojer , Mgr. Jan Kubát , Mgr. Renata Kyzlinková, Ph.D. , Ing. Soňa Veverková
Project leader-external:
External team member:
Start of project:2018
End of project:2018
Project recipient:RILSA
Project co-recipient:
Description:The project loosely builds on the findings of the previous field mapping of selected groups of foreigners from third countries and focuses mainly on the narrowly-defined target group of students at public universities aged 19 to 26 years studying in the Czech language in Prague. These students form a subgroup of international students. In addition to the analysis of data from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the project included the conducting of expert questioning and in-depth interviews with a range of foreign nationals - students at public universities. At the same time, a field questionnaire survey was conducted of the target group involving the interviewing of 319 respondents. Various methods were applied in the research to measure the integration of foreign students with concern to areas such as the economic conditions of living in the Czech Republic, social relationships, studying in the Czech Republic, including their knowledge of Czech, their perceptions of their future professional lives and family life. The main objective of the project was to map the specifics of the integration of foreign students studying at higher education institutions in Prague whose studies are being financed from the state budget of the Czech Republic. The project’s outputs will contribute to the timely setting of appropriate preventive measures by the Ministry of the Interior which will help to mitigate the risks of the unsuccessful integration of this group of young people.