Name:Analysis of Barriers to Employing Persons Released from Imprisonment in the Labour Market and Possibilities to Employ Them; Influence and Support of Social Dialogue
Project leader:Mgr. Pavel Bareš, Ph.D.
Provider:Asociace samostatných odborů ČR
Team member:Mgr. Jiří Mertl, Ph.D.
Project leader-external:
External team member:
Start of project:2018
End of project:2018
Project recipient:RILSA
Project co-recipient:
Description:The project was implemented by the RILSA as part of a wider project of the Association of Independent Trade Unions of the Czech Republic “The Future of Work and a New Collective Bargaining Strategy in the Future of Digitalization and the Revolution of Skills”. The project implemented by the RILSA focused on evaluating the role that social enterprises can play in the employment of people disadvantaged in the labour market. Its main aim was to gain knowledge of practice concerning social entrepreneurship in the Czech conditions and the role and possibilities of Czech social enterprises in employing disadvantaged people, or more specifically in the employment of persons registered in the Criminal Register. The attention was also paid to some more general contexts, such as clarification of the notions of the disadvantaged in the labour market, their participation and integration in the open labour market, the concept of social entrepreneurship in Europe and the USA, the concept of work integration social enterprises (WISE) etc.