Name:Balancing flexibility and job security – the preferences and expectations of young people under 35 and their role in the acceptance of new forms of employment
Project leader:Mgr. Renata Kyzlinková, Ph.D.
Team member:Ing. Soňa Veverková , Mgr. Aleš Kroupa
Project leader-external:
External team member:
Start of project:2020
End of project:2021
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Description:The research resources currently available on the working lives of young people (the so-called millennium generation and generation Z) point to a significant change in the labour market environment in which the career paths of young people are formed. Emphasis is placed on uncertain working environments, limited access to quality employment positions, insufficient social protection and precarious working conditions (Council for Young People and the Future, 29 April 2019; no. 8754/19). In addition, current sociological surveys indicate that non-standard forms of working hours are being used increasingly often and that the young generation is the main representative of new forms of employment in the labour market.
The aim of the project is to provide empirically-based comprehensive information on the working lives of young people, devoting particular attention to the use of new forms of employment in the labour market. Emphasis will be placed on those forms of employment that, by their nature, contribute to the disruption of the protective role of labour legislation. Attention will be devoted principally to platform-based work and other mobile applications, the phenomenon of self-employment in the performance of dependent work, telephone-based work and distance-based work using IT.