Name:The requirements of integration and barriers to the integration of selected subpopulations of foreigners living in the Czech Republic
Project leader:Mgr. Danica Schebelle
Team member:Mgr. Jan Kubát
Project leader-external:
External team member:
Start of project:2020
End of project:2021
Project recipient:RILSA
Project co-recipient:
Description:The knowledge obtained via the mapping of important phenomena that influence the process of the integration of foreigners into society can, potentially, be used to support the integration process and, thus, to strengthen the functioning of society as a whole. In the case of the existence of barriers, the integration process suffers in terms of its complexity and dynamics, which is manifested primarily via the loss of social interaction between the native population - the majority, and the immigrant population - foreigners. At the same time, changes occur with respect to the mutual perception of cultural norms and values, attitudes, traditions and customs, i.e. the characteristic features of interacting societies. Given the dynamic interplay of so many factors, the barriers to, and the requirements of integration should be assessed over time as they change and evolve. Given the trend of the ever-increasing number of foreigners settling in the Czech Republic, the evaluation of both barriers to integration and the integration requirements of foreigners is essential in terms of the effective development of the integration policy in the Czech Republic. The main objective of the project is to map current integration requirements and the barriers to the integration of selected subpopulations of foreigners living in the Czech Republic with regard to the determination of the appropriate recommendations and measures for the development of the integration policy of the Czech Republic. The project will also include an extensive questionnaire survey aimed at selected subpopulations of foreigners from both European Union and third countries.