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DC540/2017 An analysis of the current state of the performance of social work in schools and educational counselling establishments and the current state of the performance of social work in selected medical institutions 2017-2018 
18/2017_IC_NNO Specifics of integration of foreigners´ minority children in the Czech Republic 2017-2017 
DC538/2017 The analysis of the importance of the education of social workers and social service workers in order to ensure the performance of the professional social work in the public administration and in the social services and the analysis of the impact of management on the maintenance and development of social workers’ skills 2017-2018 
DC537/2017 The Czech Prison System and Its Cooperation with Families: The Stands of Social Curator and Other Employees of Instititutions Providing Penitentiary and Postpenitenciary Care. The Family Relations of Imprisoned Persons and their Importance in the Process of their Reintegration in the Society 2017-2018 
DC539/2018 The application of case management and the assessment of the possibilities and limits of this method in the performance of social work in municipal authorities aimed at supporting the provision of long-term care in a natural environment, including consideration of organizational conditions and the readiness of social workers to implement this method 2017-2018 
TB05MPSV006 Research into interaction between self-government and the delegated power of public administration bodies (municipalities and regions) in ensuring the availability of social services and social work 2016-2016 
TB05MPSV007 Multidisciplinarity in the assessment of entitlement to care allowance 2016-2016 
DC528/2016 Report on the use of electronic versions of sick leave notice in EU countries 2016-2016 
DC525/2016 The organisation of health assessment in relation to decision-making processes in the social security systems of selected EU countries 2016-2016 
DC521/2016 Analysis of the needs of social workers in municipalities in relation to housing provision 2016-2017 
TB95MPSV001 Monitoring of Changes in Foreign Pension Schemes 2016-2016 
TD03000339 Factors determining retirement decision 2016-2017 
TD03000156 2016-2017 
TD03000321 2016-2017 
DC508/2015 Comparison of invalidity in the Czech Republic and selected European countries 2015-2015 
DC504/2015 Analysis of the size and structure of different groups of people who are homeless, excluded from housing, living in substandard housing and for whom housing expenses represent an unbearable burden 2015-2015 
DC409/2014 Poverty, material deprivation and social exclusion in the Czech Republic with an emphasis on children and households raising children 2015-2015 
DC509/2015 Evaluation of developments with respect to social exclusion and the Strategy for Social Inclusion 2014 to 2020 for the year 2014 according to a set of indicators 2015-2015 
DC501/2015 Interpretative dictionary of social security 2015-2015 
DC513/2015 An analysis of the Czech public administration system surrounding the Czech pension system: family policy, health care, long-term care, housing, unemployment and social support; their interconnections with the pension system 2015-2016 
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