Number  Name  Years
IP70616 Use and functioning of the institute of custody care in practice 2021-2022 
IP70803 New forms of employment - a trap or the way of the future? 2021-2022 
DZ627521 The role of social dialogue in combating discrimination in the work process in an international context 2021-2021 
IP70802 Balancing flexibility and job security – the preferences and expectations of young people under 35 and their role in the acceptance of new forms of employment 2020-2021 
IP70801 The reduction of working hours 2019-2019 
EF691218 Research of selected aspects of the integration of students from third countries studying at universities in Prague whose studies are financed from the state budget of the Czech Republic 2018-2018 
9142/2018 The adaptation of industrial relations towards new forms of work 2018-2019 
IP70308 Flexible forms of work in the Czech Republic and in EU countries (shared and divided work positions and homeworking) 2018-2019 
9133/2017 Casual work - characteristic, regulatory frameworks, spread and implication in selected Member States 2017-2018 
9141/16 Industrial Relations in Central and Eastern Europe: Challenges Ahead of Economic Recovery 2016-2017 
GA15-14736S Fatherhood and Motherhood in the Contexts of Labour Market and Social Policy 2015-2017 
9139/15 Health and well-being of older workers in five European countries 2015-2015 
9137/14 National study on evaluating the performance of employment services, focusing particularly on their capacity to ensure compliance with employment legislation 2014-2015 
9137/10 Flexicurity in Time of Crisis 2010-2011 
102-Eurofond Qualitative Post Test on European Working Conditions Survey 2005-0 
9135/10 EIRO (European Industrial Relations Observatory); EWCO (European Working Conditions Observatory); ERM (European Restructuring Monitor) 2004-2022 
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