Number  Name  Years
MV82422 Specifics and barriers to further vocational education and retraining of Ukrainians in the Czech Republic when entering the state system of organized retraining and further education 2022-2022 
MV682522 The Third country foreigners integration in The Czech Republic 2022-2022 
EF682021 Intergenerational differences regarding intercultural awareness and intercultural communicative competence in the adult population of Ukrainians and Russians living in the territory of the Capital City of Prague 2021-2021 
DZ627421 Phase II of the research on the Qualified Employee Programme (formerly the Ukraine Scheme) as reflected by the members of the Confederation of Employers' and Business Associations of the Czech Republic 2021-2021 
EF681720 The Third country foreigners integration in The Czech Republic 2021-2021 
IP70311 The requirements of integration and barriers to the integration of selected subpopulations of foreigners living in the Czech Republic 2020-2021 
EF681720 Indicators of the integration of foreigners from third countries in the Czech Republic 2020-2020 
DZ627220 Experience of employing foreigners in member companies of the Confederation of Employers’ and Entrepreneurs’ Unions of the Czech Republic with respect to social dialogue 2020-2021 
EF681519 Health care and the situation concerning the health of foreigners in the Czech Republic 2019-2019 
EF691218 Research of selected aspects of the integration of students from third countries studying at universities in Prague whose studies are financed from the state budget of the Czech Republic 2018-2018 
EF692216 Evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of the implementation of active employment policy 2017-2020 
6920/2016 The role of women - migrants in the process of the integration of the families of migrants into the majority society of the Czech Republic with regard to their socio-cultural specificities 2016-2016 
DC514/2016 Cooperation between the Labour Office of the Czech Republic and employers with concern to the placement of third country nationals in the Czech labour market and potential further use for the purposes of continuous monitoring 2016-2016 
2013-02 Public opinion poll tcn on integration issues, their view of the majority society and life in it 2014-2015 
MIMEN_9134/14 Migrant Men’s Well-being in Diversity 2014-2015 
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