Number  Name  Years
627622 Flexible forms of work in the Czech Republic 2022-2022 
IP70316 Reflection of the social safety net in the covid-19 period 2021-2022 
EF692717 The elimination of prejudice against engineering disciplines with regard to career decision-making for girls/women 2017-2019 
EF692316 Labour market prediction 2017-2020 
DC501/2015 Interpretative dictionary of social security 2015-2015 
2013-02 Public opinion poll tcn on integration issues, their view of the majority society and life in it 2014-2015 
TD020381 The reform of public employment services in the Czech Republic 2014-2015 
122-2011D Estimating of educational needs in regions of the Czech Republic 2010-2012 
DC4/2010 Analysis Kurzarbeit introduction in the Czech Republic 2010-2010 
6251/10 Transferability of Skills across Economic Sectors: Role and Importance for Employment at European Level 2010-2010 
6253/09 Feasibility study of an individual project Support of individual civic education 2009-2009 
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