Attractiveness of the discipline of social work for students of secondary, tertiary professional schools and universities HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana
Census of Homeless Persons in the Czech Republic 2019: Roofless and Selected Houseless Categories According to the ETHOS NEŠPOROVÁ, Olga - HOLPUCH, Petr - JANUROVÁ, Kristýna - KUCHAŘOVÁ, Věra
Flexible forms of work - a shared job in the Czech Republic and selected European countries KOTÍKOVÁ, Jaromíra - KYZLINKOVÁ, Renata - VÁŇOVÁ, Jana - VEVERKOVÁ, Soňa - VYCHOVÁ, Helena
Participants in retraining courses in 2017 in the South Moravian Region (questionnaire survey) VYHLÍDAL, Jiří - PLASOVÁ, Blanka - VONDRÁČKOVÁ, Lucie
Conditions of implementation of interventions and (selected) AEP programmes and ways of evaluating their effectiveness by the perspective of the Labour Office employees in 2017: Partial background study II. KOTRUSOVÁ, Miriam - KUBÁT, Jan - SCHEBELLE, Danica - MAREŠOVÁ, Helena - TÁBORSKÁ, Marie - VÁŇOVÁ, Jana
Implementation of selected programmes of active employment policy and evaluation of their efficiency and effectiveness from the perspective of the Labour Office of the Czech Republic in 2017: Partial background study I. RÁKOCZYOVÁ, Miroslava - KOTRUSOVÁ, Miriam - HORÁK, Pavel - KUBÁT, Jan - MAREŠOVÁ, Helena - SCHEBELLE, Danica - TÁBORSKÁ, Marie - TRBOLA, Robert - VÁŇOVÁ, Jana
Czech family at the beginning of the 21st century: Living Conditions, relationships and needs KUCHAŘOVÁ, Věra - BARVÍKOVÁ, Jana - HÖHNE, Sylva - JANUROVÁ, Kristýna - NEŠPOROVÁ, Olga - PALONCYOVÁ, Jana - SVOBODOVÁ, Kamila - VIDOVIĆOVÁ, Lucie
Specifics of the process of integration of minors of Third Country Nationals living in the Czech Republic SCHEBELLE, Danica - KUBÁT, Jan - BAREŠ, Pavel
Methodology for monitoring and evaluation of the grant programs of the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic focused on the integration of the Roma minority ŠIMÍKOVÁ, Ivana - TRBOLA, Robert - VYHLÍDAL, Jiří
Social work in primary schools and in educational counselling facilities: the analysis of the current situation in the Czech Republic HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana
Assessment of the short-term and medium-term impacts of selected ALM programs implemented in 2014 with an emphasis on the situation of the long-term unemployed HORA, Ondřej - SUCHANEC, Miroslav - HORÁKOVÁ, Markéta - RÁKOCZYOVÁ, Miroslava - SIROVÁTKA, Tomáš
Professionalization of social work in public administration and social services: the role of the entrance education and the further education HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana - KRCHŇAVÁ, Anna - RŮŽIČKOVÁ, Jana - ŠEVČÍKOVÁ, Stanislava
Case management focused on the life situation of long-term care in social work at municipal authorities HUBÍKOVÁ, Olga
Report on housekeeping of seniors´ households 2010-2015 BERAN, Vlastimil - GODAROVÁ, Jana
Microcreche: the new preschool service in the public opinion poll BARVÍKOVÁ, Jana - HÖHNE, Sylva - PALONCYOVÁ, Jana - SVOBODOVÁ, Kamila
Family situation in the work of institutions dealing with penitentiary and post-penitentiary care BAREŠ, Pavel
Employing person during and after imprisonment and employers' approach to these persons MERTL, Jiří - BAREŠ, Pavel
Families in the middle stage of the family cycle KUCHAŘOVÁ, Věra - BARVÍKOVÁ, Jana - JANUROVÁ, Kristýna - HÖHNE, Sylva - PALONCYOVÁ, Jana - SVOBODOVÁ, Kamila
The socio-economic impact of a death on Czech households HÖHNE, Sylva - NEŠPOROVÁ, Olga - SVOBODOVÁ, Kamila
Manual of seniors´ leisure activities GODAROVÁ, Jana - BERAN, Vlastimil
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