Aims of Social Work in the Context of its Weak Anchoring HUBÍKOVÁ, Olga - HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana - TRBOLA, Robert
Outreach in Social Work at Municipal Offices focused on long-term Carers HUBÍKOVÁ, Olga
The Image of the Czech family in Postmodernism HOZOVÁ, Leona
Changes in the State Family Policy since 90s of the 20th century KUCHAŘOVÁ, Věra
Entrusting a Child to the Care of Another Person: How it is Used and how it Works in Practice HOZOVÁ, Leona - KYZLINKOVÁ, Renata
The Quality of Social Work in the Eyes of Social Workers HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana - HUBÍKOVÁ, Olga - MUSIL, Libor - TRBOLA, Robert
Deficits of Anchoring Czech Social Work HUBÍKOVÁ, Olga - HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana - TRBOLA, Robert - MUSIL, Libor
Childless and attitudes to parenthood PALONCYOVÁ, Jana - HÖHNE, Sylva - KUCHAŘOVÁ, Věra - ŽÁČKOVÁ, Lucie - HAŠKOVÁ, Hana - LUKIĆ, Aco
Legislative analysis of ethnically sensitive data collection in terms of personal data protection GABRIŠOVÁ, Veronika
Homoparental families NEŠPOROVÁ, Olga
Methodology of Indicators of Comprehensive Research on the Situation of Families with Children HÖHNE, Sylva - PALONCYOVÁ, Jana - ŽÁČKOVÁ, Lucie
Census of homeless persons JANUROVÁ, Kristýna
Long-term Care not only in the Czech Republic PRŮŠA, Ladislav
Social Enterprises and Employment of Disadvantaged Persons I. DOHNALOVÁ, Marie - BAREŠ, Pavel - LEGNEROVÁ, Kateřina
Child custody and maintenance after parental separation according to the results of court proceedings HÖHNE, Sylva - PALONCYOVÁ, Jana
Some Social Contexts of Age Discrimination and Ageism - New Goals and New Directions VIDOVIĆOVÁ, Lucie
Identification of Barriers in the Provision of Career Guidance Services - Barriers on the Side of Service Providers ŠŤASTNOVÁ, Pavlína - ELIÁŠKOVÁ, Ivana
Outreach Reports Management HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana - TURČÍNEK, Jna
ABC of Outreach in Social Work HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana - HUBÍKOVÁ, Olga
How Active Labour Market Policy Helps the most Disadvantaged: Evidence from the Czech Republic SIROVÁTKA, Tomáš - HORA, Ondřej
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