Child custody and maintenance after parental separation according to the results of court proceedings HÖHNE, Sylva - PALONCYOVÁ, Jana
Experience of municipalities with extended powers and regional authorities with experience in mediating of substitute family care in 2018 PALONCYOVÁ, Jana - BARVÍKOVÁ, Jana
Qualified estimates of employees of municipalities with extended powers and regional authorities of the number of mediation of substitute family care with regard to the ethnicity of children in 2018 PALONCYOVÁ, Jana - BARVÍKOVÁ, Jana
Reduction of working hours KROUPA, Aleš - KYZLINKOVÁ, Renata - LEHMANN, Štěpánka - SEDLÁR, Jan - ŠPAČEK, Ondřej - VEVERKOVÁ, Soňa
Qualified Employee Programme (formerly Ukraine Programme) in the reflection of Members of the Confederation of Employers' and Entrepreneurs' Unions of the Czech Republic SCHEBELLE, Danica - KUBÁT, Jan - BAREŠ, Pavel
Summary research report of mixed research on health care and the health status of foreigners in the Czech Republic SCHEBELLE, Danica - KUBÁT, Jan - MAREŠOVÁ, Jarmila - OLECKÁ, Ivana - ŽOFKA, Jan
Reflection of family policy - expectations and attitudes: Summary of backgrounds for the needs of the Department of Family Policy and Protection of Children's Rights of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic KUCHAŘOVÁ, Věra
Social Workers Interpretation of Expectation by Those Others MUSIL, Libor
Self-care of municipal social workers in the context of working conditions at municipal offices HUBÍKOVÁ, Olga
Flexible forms of work - homeworking in the Czech Republic and selected European countries KOTÍKOVÁ, Jaromíra - KYZLINKOVÁ, Renata - VÁŇOVÁ, Jana - VEVERKOVÁ, Soňa - VYCHOVÁ, Helena
Evaluation of the effectiveness of use of the state contribution for the foster care performance for activities carried out in the framework of accompaniment of caring persons and registered persons, quantification of costs for individual activities that are part of the accompaniment LUSKOVÁ, Daniela - KOTÍKOVÁ, Jaromíra - SOKAČOVÁ, Linda - ŠILHÁNKOVÁ, Lenka - HORECKÁ, Miroslava - JIRÁČKOVÁ, Pavlína - PAVEL, Lukáš
The Fourth Industrial Revolution, the labour market and Covid-19 KRAUS, Arno - VÍŠEK, Petr
The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the coronavirus pandemic are changing the world VÍŠEK, Petr
International comparison of the scope and structure of care allowance recipients and conditions for granting care allowance in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Austria HON, Filip - PRŮŠA, Ladislav - BAREŠ, Pavel
The positive social impact of coronavirus? A stimulus for considering solidarity, empathy, dignity and the basic unconditional income MERTL, Jiří
Research on the homeless persons NEŠPOROVÁ, Olga
COVID-19 pandemic and the homeless population NEŠPOROVÁ, Olga
Monitoring of labour costs in the Czech Republic, States of the European Union and USA in 2012-2017: Bulletin No. 13 BERAN, Vlastimil
Identification of barriers in the provision of career counseling services - barriers on the part of recipients: Results of a questionnaire survey of the population aged 15–64 on the perception of career counseling ŠŤASTNOVÁ, Pavlína - ELIÁŠKOVÁ, Ivana
POPULATION OF HOMELESS PERSONS IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC: Persons sleeping rough, in night shelters, homeless hostels and municipal hostels NEŠPOROVÁ, Olga - HOLPUCH, Petr
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