Basic Schools in the Czech Republic: Is It the Right Time Now to Institute School Social Work? HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana
Atlas of Longterm Care in the Czech Republic WIJA, Petr - ŽOFKA, Jan - BAREŠ, Pavel
Analysis of Social Services and Healthcare Services Providing Long-term Care in the Czech Republic WIJA, Petr - ŽOFKA, Jan - BAREŠ, Pavel
Families with three or more children KUCHAŘOVÁ, Věra - HÖHNE, Sylva - NEŠPOROVÁ, Olga - PALONCYOVÁ, Jana
Attractiveness of the discipline of social work for students of secondary, tertiary professional schools and universities HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana
Census of homeless persons in the Czech Republic 2019: Roofless and selected houseless categories according to the ETHOS NEŠPOROVÁ, Olga - HOLPUCH, Petr - JANUROVÁ, Kristýna - KUCHAŘOVÁ, Věra
Family policy and formal and informal childcare for preschool-age children in selected European countries KUCHAŘOVÁ, Věra - NEŠPOROVÁ, Olga
Flexible forms of work - a shared job in the Czech Republic and selected European countries KOTÍKOVÁ, Jaromíra - KYZLINKOVÁ, Renata - VÁŇOVÁ, Jana - VEVERKOVÁ, Soňa - VYCHOVÁ, Helena
Participants in retraining courses in 2017 in the South Moravian Region (questionnaire survey) VYHLÍDAL, Jiří - PLASOVÁ, Blanka - VONDRÁČKOVÁ, Lucie
Conditions of implementation of interventions and (selected) AEP programmes and ways of evaluating their effectiveness by the perspective of the Labour Office employees in 2017: Partial background study II. KOTRUSOVÁ, Miriam - KUBÁT, Jan - SCHEBELLE, Danica - MAREŠOVÁ, Helena - TÁBORSKÁ, Marie - VÁŇOVÁ, Jana
Implementation of selected programmes of active employment policy and evaluation of their efficiency and effectiveness from the perspective of the Labour Office of the Czech Republic in 2017: Partial background study I. RÁKOCZYOVÁ, Miroslava - KOTRUSOVÁ, Miriam - HORÁK, Pavel - KUBÁT, Jan - MAREŠOVÁ, Helena - SCHEBELLE, Danica - TÁBORSKÁ, Marie - TRBOLA, Robert - VÁŇOVÁ, Jana
Education and the Transition to Fatherhood in the Czech Republic: The Reflection of two Societal Contexts ŠŤASTNÁ, Anna - KYZLINKOVÁ, Renata
Reasons for the unplanned postponement and timing of the birth of a second child ŠŤASTNÁ, Anna - SLABÁ, Jitka - KOCOURKOVÁ, Jiřina
Job sharing and its use in the Czech Republic VEVERKOVÁ, Soňa
Support for Market Economy Principles in European Post-Communist Countries during 1999-2008 SIROVÁTKA, Tomáš - GUZI, Martin - SAXONBERG, Steven
The current structure of long-term care services and the forecast of the need for social services 2019-2050 HORECKÝ, Jiří - PRŮŠA, Ladislav
Main Economic and Social Indicators of the Czech Republic 1990 – 2018. Bulletin No 34 HÖHNE, Sylva - ŠŤASTNÁ, Anna
The importance of the qualification and lifelong learning for social work practice: From the perspective of social work managers HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana
Who cares for our seniors? PRŮŠA, Ladislav
Satisfaction with democracy and perceived performance of the welfare state in Europe SIROVÁTKA, Tomáš - GUZI, Martin - SAXONBERG, Steven
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