Sources of Knowledge Used by Social Workers in their Everyday Work with Clients HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana
Outreach in social work at municipal offices HUBÍKOVÁ, Olga - HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana
Professional competence and personal prerequisites necessary for the performance of social work MUSIL, Libor - BALÁŽ, Roman - HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana - PUNOVÁ, Monika - VOTOUPAL, Miloš
Definition of conditions and content of the out-reach social work in the context of social work carried at municipalities - summary research report HUBÍKOVÁ, Olga - HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana - ŠIMÍKOVÁ, Ivana - MUSIL, Libor - DURAJOVÁ, Zuzana - ŠUPA, Jiří
Basic Schools in the Czech Republic: Is It the Right Time Now to Institute School Social Work? HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana
Attractiveness of the discipline of social work for students of secondary, tertiary professional schools and universities HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana
The importance of the qualification and lifelong learning for social work practice: From the perspective of social work managers HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana
Analysis of the current state of the provision of social work in schools and school counselling facilities and the current state of the provision of social work in the healthcare sector HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana - KUBALČÍKOVÁ, Kateřina
Social work in primary schools and in educational counselling facilities: the analysis of the current situation in the Czech Republic HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana
Professionalization of social work in public administration and social services: the role of the entrance education and the further education HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana - KRCHŇAVÁ, Anna - RŮŽIČKOVÁ, Jana - ŠEVČÍKOVÁ, Stanislava
Collaboration between social workers and physicians: impact of professional socialization HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana
Peer Review on ‘Germany’s latest reforms of the long-term care system’ - Peer Country Comments Paper: Czech Republic HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana
The de-institutionalisation of care for older people in the Czech Republic and Slovakia: national strategies and local outcomes KUBALČÍKOVÁ, Kateřina - SZÜDI, Gábor - SZÜDI, Jaroslava - HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana
Cooperation between social workers and doctors: an example of assessment process of the care allowance HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana - HUBÍKOVÁ, Olga
Analysis of the educational needs of social workers in municipalities in relation to housing provision HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana - HUBÍKOVÁ, Olga - KUBALČÍKOVÁ, Kateřina
Overview of social workers and assessment doctors in the care allowance agenda with respect to selected aspects of existing assessment practice concerning the care allowance HUBÍKOVÁ, Olga - HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana
Performance profession of social work in social protection systems in the CR MUSIL, Libor - BAREŠ, Pavel - HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana - (EDS.)
Reflective Practice in Social Work: Discussion Based on the Example of Social Work with People in Material Need HUBÍKOVÁ, Olga - HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana
Social work provided by local and regional authorities in the form of delegated powers HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana
Multidisciplinarity in the assessment of entitlement to care allowance - analyzes and recommendations: Resources for Hneleg MUSIL, Libor - HUBÍKOVÁ, Olga - HAVLÍKOVÁ, Jana - KUBALČÍKOVÁ, Kateřina - DURAJOVÁ, Zuzana - BERAN, Vlastimil
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